Vegan in Winter

Winter holds all of us firmly in it’s grip these days and colds and flus are going around everywhere. The best way to avoid any of this is a robust immune system which comes – in my view – with Exercise and good Nutrition.
I personally crave more Carbohydrates in Winter and I love my hot Soups! It is always good to listen to your body – it knows best what it needs.

So how do I try to stay healthy in the winter months? I still exercise – running that is – no matter the weather or temperature. Unless it is raining Cats and Dogs 🙂 .
Even a brisk walk is better than not working out at all and luckily I do have some good DVDs and a Stepper in the House, should it be dreadful out there.

In terms of nutrition, I try to focus on my Vitamin C intake which we all know is so important to avoid any infections and / or help our body if we caught one.

Here are some of the Foods that have very high concentrations of Vitamin C and are easily available. There are some that are much higher in Vitamin C but not easy to find hence I left those out.

Parsley                                            0,16 gr / 100 gr
Brussel Sprouts                             0,12 gr / 100 gr
Pepper (red)                                   0,10 gr / 100 gr
Broccoli                                           0,09 gr / 100 gr
Kiwi                                                 0,06 gr / 100 gr
Lemon / Orange                            0,05 gr / 100 gr

All these you should be able to find in local Supermarkets and even smaller “Express” Stores! I usually try to find the Organic Version as I am a convinced Organic Buyer.

Another important Vitamin is Vitamin D. Many people, especially in Winter, are insufficient in Vitamin D. Our body can not produce it unless exposed to the Sun and that’s the tricky part during this time of the year. If you are lucky enough to live in a Sun rich country, then you should get enough Vitamin D throughout the year. Up North, where I live, you have to make an effort. If you have the chance to be exposed approx. 30 mins to the Sun each day, your Vitamin D will be perfect. Otherwise probably not.
So the only way in the dark days is as Supplement which you can get online or at a Health Store. I am very bad with pills so I try the “exposure” approach and even though people think, it always rains in Scotland, I can assure you that it does not 😉

Eating the Rainbow in Winter is very easy these days as the world has become a small place. We can get almost every Fruit and Vegetable all year around. I try a sustainable approach in my life and act Eco-friendly. But my glitch actually is fruit. Blueberries, in Winter. Yes, I admit it, I buy them. In Winter. So you see, nobody is perfect, not even the Vegans 😉 .
However, try to eat as natural as you can in Winter. Cale and Cabbage are nutritious Foods and easy to cook and prepare in advance. Potatoes, Carrots, Cauliflower, Parsnip, Turnips, Onions are great Winter Vegetables for Stews and Soups. If you want to only buy local, there are Veg-Boxes schemes from Organic farmers and they are normally delivered to your door free of charge, without packaging and a box returning scheme.

So stay healthy, keep fit and your immune system in good shape too!

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