Vegans on the rise

Happy Days! Wherever I turn, I see more and more awareness of the Vegan Lifestyle and statistics how that in the UK Vegans have quadrupled. There are many Vegan magazines informing you about Vegan Foods, Nutritions, Cleaning Products and Cosmetics.
Starbucks offers two Vegan Sandwiches now and some Vegan Cake or biscuits, Sainsbury’s Vegan range is growing and Waitrose has just increased their Vegan Products as well!
Some campaigners try to get the Scottish Government to offer a Vegan option in Hospitals and Schools which I think is great if that happens.

I went to the Balmoral Hotel in Edinburgh this week-end and they offer a full High Tea in a Vegan version and it turned out, that our waiter was Vegan himself.

And very recently, a 87-year  (!) old friend put a page from a local Newspaper through my door, naming all the restaurants in Edinburgh who are either Vegan or Vegan friendly. How great is that?

So the future looks bright!!

. People get more of an awareness and being a Vegan is no longer “alien” to people.

I shared my self made Vegan Christmas biscuits with many non-vegans and they all liked them and actually could not make a difference in terms of taste towards what they usually eat.

My future will be Vegan for sure. My new project will have Veganism at it’s heart and I hope many of you will support it.

The future is Vegan my friends!



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