Lazy Sunday

As autumn is now on our doorstep, the days get colder, the wind picks up and the green turns into yellow, gold and red. I love autumn!
It also means we stay inside longer and the drive to do something might fade. There will be days when the world outside is grey with clouds and rain or we had a party the night before and feel like having a lazy Sunday.

What I do on those days is just taking it easy, do what I fancy doing, which normally is reading, knitting or listening to music. I am also lazy in the kitchen on those days 🙂

One of my favourite Breakfasts or Brunch is the “Tomato-Avocado-Sandwich”. So easy to do. Just slice up some tomatoes, crush some Avocado, Pepper & Salt – done!
Super tasty, quick to make and healthy as well.

As you see, there are super easy ways to eat Vegan without any hassle or long preparations.

Sunday often is Pancake Day – I will soon give you my pancake recipes! Keep following 🙂

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