Vegan milk

As I mentioned before, one challenge for me was to find an alternative to Cow’s milk for my coffee. I have always loved the frothed version – commonly referred to as a “Latte”. There were alternatives around in 2011, but not as many as there are today. And none could be frothed – actually most of them can’t to this day (due to the low protein content).
This is in fact not solely based on the “Vegan awareness” but more because so many people seem to struggle with Lactose intolerance. Almost all Cafés, Restaurants or small stalls offer an alternative. Most of the time it is a Soy milk. Having said that, I am not a fan of Soy as I do not like the taste. I do use Soy in form of Tofu for cooking or baking. I might once in a while buy Soy milk to make Vegan mayonnaise or Soy cream (the only one that can really be clotted) for baking, but that’s it. Luckily there are so many alternatives around! The shops closest to where I live offer:

Almond milk
Rice milk
Coconut milk
Oat milk
Peanut Milk
Tigernut Milk
Soy Milk
Quinoa Milk

I also found Pea milk online, but it isn’t as easy to find it in any shop.

I use Almond milk for many things, my Cereal, baking, Smoothies and cooking. It happens to be my son’s favourite as well so we always have Almond milk stocked in the house.

Now for my coffee, and after really trying every version in my kitchen, it all came down to one option: Oat milk. There is a Barista version from a Swedish company, Oatly. My absolute favourite!
You will find that Alpro has some Barista versions as well – and that Cafés use them. I do not like their taste as they are way too sweet. I also don’t agree with all the ingredients the company uses.

As for a frothing machine, I started with a Severin one which worked fine and made nice froth. For personal reasons (space and mine rattled somewhat) I switched to the Aeroccino from Nespresso. As I am the only coffee drinker in the house, it is perfect. If there is more than one in your house, the Severin is the better option as it has a bigger container. Of course there are many other companies out there offering their devices, I happen to know only these two.

To sum it up: You might have to try your personal taste and if you’d like your coffee as a Latte or a flat white. When going out, Soy will probably be served almost everywhere these days.
If you share my dislike of Soy milk, then you might copy me and take your own milk with you. I recently bought a “cup to go”, made of glass, and just fill a wee bit in there and then ask staff to fill an Americano in it. There has never been an issue so far.

So if you are a New Vegan, I hopefully could give you an overview on how to switch from Cow’s (or any other animal’s) milk to a plant based alternative.


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